Key facts

Club: FC Basel | Opening: 2001 | Capacity: 38,512 seats

History and description
St. Jakob-Park, nicknamed Joggeli, is the largest stadium of Switzerland. Construction of the stadium began in December 1998 after the old St. Jakob-Stadion that stood in its place had first been demolished.

The first match played at the stadium was between Basel and Lausanne Sport on 15 March 2001. Six months later the stadium got officially inaugurated. Total construction costs amounted to CHF 250 mln.

St. Jakob-Park initially had a capacity of 33,200 (of which 9,000 standing), but got expanded with an extra tier on one of the long sides for the Euro 2008 tournament. With an additional few extra rows of temporary seats, capacity was raised to a total of 42,500 seats. After the tournament capacity dropped back again to under 40,000.

During the Euro 2008 championships, three group matches, two quarter-finals, and the semi-final between Germany and Turkey (3-2) were played at St. Jakob-Park.

In 2016, St. Jakob-Park hosted the Europa League final between Sevilla and Liverpool (3-1).