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On February 15, 2017, the Toronto Dragons played the Pagonia Penguins. The teams were evenly matched, with 2 GMs, 1 IM and 1 FM each. Toronto won, 9.5 - 6.5.

Women's World Championship 2017
Round 1.2 February 12: Zhou - Pogonina

Game 1 was drawn -- see -- so the winner of this game would advance to round

The 2017 Women's World Chess Championship, a PRO Chess match featuring Carlsen and Caruana (maybe), and the not-too-successful attempts to sexy-up Fabiano Caruana's public image are this week's Best of the

Round 1 game 1 of the 2017 Women's World Championship was played today in Tehran.

It is a 64-player knock-out tournament for the Women's World Championship. Format: Two game matches,

Elias Oussedik is currently doing post-graduate work in North Carolina. But this leaves him more than enough time to stay serious about chess, and he was given a chance to show

Thank you!
I recommend to every tournament organizer !
Marc Guenneugues
Marc Guenneugues
Organizer of the Wasselonne Chess Open
Thank you to who carried our recent broadcast from the Paris GCT tournament.
CGT Paris
CGT Paris
you have done a wonderful job! This is by far the most visually impressive usage of the viewer I've seen so far!
'Merci ! Super site pour suivre les tournois, je recommande !
Boris Brunel
Boris Brunel
Technicien de transmission pour la Ligue Corse des Échecs.
Nice work on really appreciated the live broadcast of our tournaments
Fide Arbitrer

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