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The newly revived TePe Sigeman Tournament started with two very entertaining rounds. Nigel Short got off to a good start with a win over Eric Blomqvist, but went on to lose

against second seed Baadur Jobava in Round 2. Blomqvist, meanwhile, recovered from his first round loss by defeating rating favorite Pavel Eljanov on Thursday. This left Jobava as sole leader in the short five-round tournament.

Jobava and Grandelius drew on Monday | photo: Peter Frennessonn

Round 1: Short gets the kind of finish he likes

Nigel Short is known for his outspoken and sometimes controversial attitude. First, the organizers decided the veteran would be the star during the drawing of lots...

...and then he took to Twitter to describe his first round win in style:


The final position of his game demonstrates why he was so happy with his inaugural game in Malmo:


Short joined Stellan Brynell on the commentary booth to go through his game:


Round 2: Jobava takes the lead from Short

Despite the small field, Thursday's second round gave chess enthusiasts more than enough entertainment. First, Eriq Blomqvist beat top seed Pavel Eljanov from the White side of a French Defense despite a 209-points rating deficit. Eljanov showed he was going for a complicated game when he played h5 on move 6, but Blomqvist proved to be better prepared in the ensuing complications. Eventually, White's pawn advantage in the four-rooks endgame was enough to get the point.

Eric Blomqvist surprised everybody by beating Pavel Eljanov | photo: TePe Sigeman Facebook

In the other decisive game of the day, Baadur Jobava took the lead from Nigel Short by outplaying him in a complicated game where the Georgian sacrificed the exchange to take advantage of the Black king's weak position. Jobava wore his trademark dark glasses even when he commented the game:

So, after two rounds Jobava leads with 1.5/2 points, while Eljanov surprisingly occupies the bottom place. In Round 3, the Ukrainian will try to recover from his loss against Jobava and Short will have White against Grandelius. Don't miss the action with live with commentary here on chess24.


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