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Record turnout of players for Mayor Cup chess event
B B Nayak | TNN | Updated: Feb

12, 2017, 03.57 AM IST

NAVI MUMBAI: A record turnout of over 1, 200 players in various age groups on Saturday has made the two-day-long Navi Mumbai Mayor Cup Chess Tournament special. The event, in its 7th year and held at Sriram School, Airoli, is offering an overall prize money of Rs 1.58 lakh.

Players from Thane, Raigad and Navi Mumbai are turning up in great numbers to take part. “I am impressed with the arrangement to accommodate so many contestants. The challenge this year will be more competitive,” said a player Tarun Momaya.

The show, organized by NMMC’s sports and cultural department, will conclude on Sunday. The event is being conducted in eight different groups for male and female contestants. They include under-9, under-11, under-15 and above-15 in the open group.

The competition is open to participants from Thane district, Raigad area under Navi Mumbai police commissionerate and NMMC jurisdiction.

“We have a record number of participants this time, surpassing all previous records. The top 10 in the boys’ group will get prize money. In the girls’ group of under-9, 11 and 15, top 8 players will get prizes,” said a civic official.


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